Monday, October 27, 2014

Purpose of Blog

On this blog I will be reviewing some of the experiences I had on my lds mission. I'm still trying to understand the things I saw, heard and what they could mean. I will analyze and give insight, but I won't be insulting or name-calling.  I feel that we have a greater idea of truth when we put people's experiences together, but this only works if we aren't biased about the information we share. If you only tell faith promoting experiences, but leave out anything that isn't faith promoting then it can give a less than accurate idea of what the truth is. I will avoid using leaders, and missionaries names for their privacy. No one is perfect, and I don't judge those I talk about. But I will share my experiences that I had with individuals because I feel we should all learn as much as we can.  I love my Mission President, and the missionaries I served with, and I feel they were doing what they thought was right, but there's still many things that I am trying to make sense of.

I believe most leaders are well-meaning men who are doing what they feel is right, based off of what they've learned, and the expectations that are being placed on them. My motivation is to help others think critically about their own experiences, and what they've seen and heard. I currently believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet, Christ is our savior and the Book of Mormon is true. I'm constantly seeking for truth and greater understanding. With all of this being said, I did enjoy my mission and am thankful for the sincere believers of Christ I got to meet. There's just some concerns I would like to share, based off of my experiences.

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  1. Jacob, thank you for starting this blog. I have a 15yo son, and I've been worried about the things I've read and heard from people (all happy and blindly following) about how the missions are run now. My husband had an extremely difficult mission, but he's been back since 1993. I look forward to you scriptural, eyes-wide-open perspective.